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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now, this ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
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>> drenching rain, falling trees, high winds, and flooding. the bay area is dealing with it all as the second in a series of storms roll through the bay area. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we are on storm watch this noontime with driving rain falling all over the bay area. the problems have ranged from accidents on the freeways to downed trees, power lines and flooding. we have team coverage from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains but start with meteorologist mark tamayo in the ktvu weather center. >> has been quite a morning, excessive rainfall rates, gusty winds still effecting us. here you can pick out the coverage out there. you will notice we are seeing changes in the north bay. the rainfall rates tapering after as you can see but still steady rain for santa rosa, around the area as well. as we shift the maps down here you will notice more activity
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for the central portions of the bay, heavier rain around san francisco as you cap pick out, a moderate cell moving through and covering the whole east bay. in fact here you can see more activity around the livermore area. we will continue to move the maps and show you ax in the southern half, pacifica, los gatos and san jose and morgan hill and tighter to the santa cruz mountains that is the concern of course, a rough mourning all day long for highway 17 for the summit and still seeing some moderate to heavy rainfall here as well. so once again the wider perspective here as you can see across the regions the main bulk of the action is drifting moving south and east and that trend will continue so we expect a change over the next two to three hours with the overall trend we scale back but we still have that to contend
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with. coming up the timing of the third storm. >> thank you, there was a flash flood warning there where flooding did occur. that warning has expired but the weather service still has a flood watch in place. brian flores joins us live to show is what it looks like now. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. as mark mentioned the rain did taper off a little bit. it has gotten light here actually, but there still is flooding but as you mentioned yes, the river is still full but city officials say it is not a big concern at least for now. when it rains it floods for mobile home park manager terry peterson. >> the lake is getting really full and we have two pumps, one that comes on automatically but there is so much rain and water it is not taking care of it. >> he manages the leash lake mobile home pack in pet petalooma, it sits inside the
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complex and overflows, that means terry pumps it up for his residents. >> all the drains were plugged up, every one of them so we had two feet of water on the streets. >> sonoma county got pounded with rain, flooding a major concern. it affected those parts of the neighborhoods and some streets were submerged and had to be blocked off and they had flooding. >> we are okay right now. it is when the tide starts to come back in everything starts to back up kind of like a bathtub, you keep putting more in and only so much goes out. >> back at the river it is an advisory level. the water got high but not enough to cause flooding, still though they still cause a problem, back there they were trying to clear the drainage pipes so cars can drive through. >> i got a big long pvc pipe and that is not working so, yeah, and the water is up to hear in my boots. >> i am surprised that the water has come up this high in
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24 hours. it is, you know, but i guess it was raining harder than we thought it was. >> despite the heavy rain and flooding, city public works officials tell us flood control programs help prevent it from getting worse. >> if we get a lot of rain like we did it will head to areas we don't want it but mother nature will go where she wants to go. >> here in petalooma they are looking at the high tide as well as that big storm coming in on saturday and into sunday. we are not out of the woods yet, for more on our storm coverage let's go to santa cruz mountains where you find alex savidge. >> the rain has been steady all morning long and continues to come down right now and that is making for dangerous driving conditions here on highway 17. we are right near summit road right now and roadway flooding has been an issue out here. i want to show you video because the cal trans crews
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here have been busy. we watched them a short time ago move in and right near summit drive they had to block off a lane as the clears went in and cleared out a drain clogging and causing standing water that was a hazard for drivers there. it has definitely been a treacherous drive for folks coming over the pass here into the santa cruz area. a lot of people seem to be slowing down, but we did talk with one truck driver who says some drivers seem to be a bit too cautious. >> some are too paranoid and some are too aggressive. there is kind of both kinds. you got to watch out. >> meantime there are some power outages to report up here in the santa cruz mountains, the latest report we have from pg&e, the latest numbers we have, 1400 people up here in this area without power, ben loman, scotts valley. earlier this morning pg&e showed us one of this mobile command vehicles, these are units they have on stand by.
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they have four of them all ready to go to help coordinate the crews in the field working to repair those outages. we talked with them about what those mobile units will be used for. >> it allows us to have communications, have resources for our crews on site, especially during emergencies that last more than one or two days. so as you can see there is computers here, there is radios, there is temperatures, there exfax, there is printers, tvs, we have a generator. >> as we come back out here life highway 17 near the summit in the santa cruz mountains they have been telling me they have been getting reports of mud blocking roadways and downed trees and those cal trans crews especially have been working hard to clear them out, the officer i have been in contact with this morning told me amazingly enough no reports of accidents here along highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains all morning long. hard to believe with all this
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rain. live this morning -- this afternoon i should say in the santa cruz mountains, alex alex, ktvu. >> they are still without power, they have 2300 customers, there 650 and those are the others without power. a pg and e worker is dead after a crash there overnight. police say he was on his way back from a job when he lost control have his truck around 1:45 this morning and smashed into a traffic signal. police say a rain storm was moving through at the time and weather may have been a factor in the crash. there were also outages on the bay bridge, lights on the
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western span cables went out this morning and there was a delay getting the metering lights on. we do not have an explanation for why the problems happened but things were back normal by 6:30 a.m. we continue our live storm watch coverage now with a look at the situation in marin county, rosemary orosco joins us live from an area that usually sees quite a few problems. good afternoon. >> reporter: yes, good afternoon to you. i have to say we are soaking wet out here and the wind continues to blow but all in all, despite the wind and the rain we are still in fairly good shape along this stretch of highway 101. this low-lying area, definitely prone to flooding. we have got the creek that runs right under this area flowing into the bay and then in addition to high tide coming in right about now also helps to bring along that risk for flooding but we have been tracking this all morning long and so far so good. we took a ride up the way to mill valley just a little bit
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earlier and found that we are with a few toppled trees but we really could not find anything blocking the roadways. we came across a county public works officer who said actually it has been fairly quiet at least in his department so far. we rounded the corner and went up another street and fought this couple here also in mill valley pick in up the pieces of their broken down fence. >> so it was pretty windy at your house last night. >> it was really windy. i said to him this morning i think it is the worst wind i have ever seen. >> back here live along highway 101 you can see that the winds continue to blow. there was a high wind advisory or a wind watch for parts of the coast as well as the mountains earlier this morning. that was allowed to expire. you can see it is still very breezy, a little bit of ponding going on here along the roadway, this on-ramp to 101 but outside of that it has been holding up fairly well.
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if you are headed to the bridge you will still find high winds in that area. from the north bay, rosemary orosco, ktvu. back to you. >> at this hour police are investigating a homicide that took place in this mansion in the south bay. we will have reaction and tell you what is so unusual about this crime. >> mark tamayo is back in 9 minutes to tell you more specifics on how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. >> and the rain has really taken a toll on the commute this morning. we will tell you how conditions are right for you and let you know about a traffic advisory in napa.
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aarp medicarerx saver plus. call now or visit your local walgreens for more information. an investigation is underway in san jose after a taqueria caught fire, it broke out there just after 7:30 their morning. fire officials say most of the damage occurred in the attic where the fire started. no one was hurt. in marin county this morning one person died in a house fire in fairfax. the fire broke out at 1:30 any small cabin on meadow way there. the building was just about destroyed by the time crews arrived. a short time later they found a body in the ashes. there is no word yet on either the victim's identity or the cause of the fire. for the final in decades there is a homicide
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investigation underway in the well-to-do community of monta seareno. janine de la vega joins us to let us know if there is progress in the search. >> reporter: we are outside this home which we are told is a mansion here, police are inside processing the crime scene, trying to track down a killer. as it poured down rain members of a search and rescue crew kept their eyes peeled for anything suspicious along the road. a quarter mile up the hill they surrounded this gated estate where a woman made a 911 call after 1:30 this morning. >> the caller advised that someone had broken into their home, ransacked their home. >> when officers arrived they found the body of a man which turned out to be her husband. she was taken to the hospital with none life threatening injuries, police blocked off
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the area and searched the area. people nearby are stunned. >> we are upset because i have two kids and we live close and that doesn't happen in this neighborhood. >> we are shocked, my kids keep telling me, it is okay my house is right there, it is really scary. >> this is their first homicide of the year, it is nestled among places where homicides rarely occur. they are searching for evidence. >> there is concern the weather will change evidence so we are working hard to collect evidence if there is evidence outside the home. >> police are unsure if the home was targeted or random, it is located off the beaten path and on a two lane road. >> this shows it can happen to anybody and you have to take precautions and i will change some things as we speak. >> neighbors told us they don't know who lives here, they think
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it is an indian couple who keep to themselves. police are in the process of interviewing here in hope s of geting a more detailed description of the suspect or suspects. >> at this hour the u.s. supreme court is meeting behind closed doors to make a crucial decision on proposition 8, california's ban on gay marriage, lower courts have ruled the ban is unconstitutional, so if the justices refuse to hear the case the lower court rulings stand and same sex marriage once again would be legal in california. the justices also are considering a challenge to the federal in defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between 1 map and one woman. president obama took his fiscal cliff warning on the road today, telling peps vein workers that a tax hike could spoil the hole days. >> that is sort like the lump of coal you get for christmas,
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that is a scrooge christmas. >> the spoke at a toy factory and usualed them to contact their congress members and get them to support the white house plan which will do that. house republicans argue his plan would cripple the economy. the storm may be to blame for a couple of big rig truck crashes this morning. one happened around 2:00 a.m. on westbound 580 at 680. it hit a puddle jackknifed and crashed there. fuel spilled, which kept the lanes closed for four hours. the driver was not hurt. another big rig crash on 580 there livermore at the north flynn road off-ramp. the driver told ktvu he began slipping and sliding and
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crashed. 1 trailer filled with gravel flipped over blocking lanes, no one was hurt and that crash has been cleared. for more on what traffic is like let's go to tara moriarty in the traffic center, still slow spots. >> that's right a traffic advisory has been issued for that, take there instead. a live look there, not too many folks out there, very wet conditions, a lot of cars hitting the puddles there. we want to mention the silver avenue on-ramp to southbound san francisco completely flooded and shut down, southbound near there flooded as well. in mountain view an accident there, one lane blocked and in the east bay flooding on 680 south there as well as a finder bender on 24 eastbound and there. up next a look at highway 4 in the pittsburgh area, a lot of fog westbound traffic doing all
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right toward concord, tori, let's check back in with you. >> thank you. viewers have been sending us snapshots of the impact on their area, paula snapped this and chemo sent us this picture of a tree that toppled over. send your photos to or post them on our facebook page. you will also find more viewer picks on our website at the stormy weather is causing delays at san francisco international airport. we spoke to an sfo duty manager in the last 45 minutes who says passengers are facing 90 minute delays and also been at least 70 flight cancellations, most of them short haul flights. they advise you to check with your airlines first, both of those are said to be running smoothly though >> still tracking heavy rain
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this early friday afternoon but things beginning to change. that will set the stage for a break over the next two to three hours, trending in that direction. right now on live storm tracker 2 that happens to be the loop over the past hour. you will notice the bulk of the activity focused in the southern half of the region, toward santa rosa, still reports of rain here but you will notice the coverage on the decrease and i want to zoom in to this area as well in sonoma county because we have a flood watch posted for the russian river there, right now the stage is at 19 feet, expected to crest at 31 feet monday morning. and the flood stage is 32 feet so that is a concern, watching that over the next few days with the russian river there. we will move the maps around and show you activity here in the central portion of the bay, in fact yellow and reds link up with heavier downpours there. take a look at this rainfall rate showing you just about an inch an hour with that, the heavier cell there. we will continue to move the
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maps around and show you and as i mentioned focused there towards the santa cruz mountains, toward san jose and the east bay as well, in fact once i clear that out for you and bring up our zoom tool against and still that there and once again closer to that as well. as far as this, we still have a flash flood watch to talk about, basically right on to the weekend. now the second storm moving through the region right now, there is a third one, as a result the national weather service keeping this posted through monday morning for the north bay, san francisco, the san mateo county coastline and towards santa cruz county with another sharp rise expected on the creeks. rainfall totals over the past 24 hours impressive. santa rosa over three inches, san francisco over app inch, and oakland closing in on two inches concord aning and a half and san jose just over an inch but we are adding to them now.
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today's storm moving through the region you will notice that. so here is the pattern as you can expect a break developing later on today. we do put this into motion saturday, occasional showers, the third storm moves in sunday morning. once again a closer look there, the activity up to our north and west. here is our forecast model. a decrease of the rain showers this afternoon. some scattered showers this evening at 7:00. look at this. we will take this into saturday, not a lot to show you but still scattered rain showers out there. our next storm aapproaches the region, that will be first thing sunday morning, that is the band of heavy rain pushing into the region sunday morning at 7:00. once again we could have a break developing by sunday afternoon, but there is a third storm out there that will produce another round of heavy rain first thing sunday morning and then even into next week tory we could be tracking more showers for tuesday but we will continue to keep an eye on the radar, it is changing right now and the focus is in the southern half of the region. >> thank you.
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we just checked in with stanford and the tarp steel on the field as the rain pours down ahead of the championship game you can see here. stanford hosts ucla for the right to go to the rose bowl. the cardinal beat the bruins last week but the ticket manager tells the san francisco chronicle the weather is hurting ticket sales. we have a section on the pack 12 championship game on our website and watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2, our coverage begins at 4:30 after an early edition of the news. also if you are going to game you can check weather conditions by using the ktvu mobile apps on your apple and and android devices. kt ktvu channel 2 news at noon continues in a moment. on your prepaid card?
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